6 Best Pan For Prime Rib Roast in 2023

Best pan for prime rib roast

In a hurry? Our best pan for prime rib roast is Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster.

Have you ever cooked a prime rib roast for a traditional Christmas dinner or a special celebration? 

Cooking prime rib is a challenge for many people. But not anymore! If you have the right roasting pan, you’ll be able to get the juiciest, tastiest, and most succulent prime rib ever.

But picking the right one can be quite tricky.

So, if you’re looking to make your next prime rib roast the best one and wow your guests then read on. 

No more disposable roasting pans for Holiday meals. We’ve gone and researched and rounded up the best pans for prime rib roast on the market today, and we’ve even included our own top picks. 

You can cook your roast in any size that you like, and you can enjoy your meal with all the trimmings.

Let’s get started!

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster with Rack
  • 3-ply construction with mutliclad.
  • Complete flat bottom
  • Induction ready
  • Great value for the money
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 12x 3 inches
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Calphalon Contemporary 16-Inch Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Rack
  • Tri-ply construction
  • Aluminum core
  • Non-stick rack
  • Dimensions: 18.6 x 13 x 4.2 inches
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Viking Culinary 3-Ply Roasting Pan w/ Rack
  • Stainless steel exterior with mirror finish
  • Double-riveted handles
  • 550 degrees limit
  • Non-stick rack
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 13 x 3 inches
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Calphalon Classic Hard-Anodized 16-Inch Roasting Pan with Nonstick Rack
  • Nonstick with hard-anodized aluminum
  • Withstand up to 450 degrees F
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 13.5 x 3.75 inches
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TeamFar Roasting Pan 15 Inch
  • Stainless steel pan
  • Cooling Rack 
  • Withhold up to 500 degrees F
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 10.75 x 4 inches
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Farberware Bakeware Nonstick Steel Roaster
  • Oven safe to 450°F
  • Alloy Steel construction
  • A removable, flat chrome-plated rack
  • Nonstick roasting pan
  • Dimensions: 16" x 11.25" x 2.5"
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Best Pan for Prime Rib Roast

Here is an extensive list of our top picks of prime rib roasting pans that will suit every need and budget.

Our Pick

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster with Rack

1. Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster with Rack

Key Features:

  • 3-ply construction with mutliclad.
  • Complete flat bottom
  • Induction ready
  • Great value for the money
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 12x 3 inches (including the handles)

Holy crap.. you would think I’m Classy Mofo with this bad boy.

I was between Cuisinart MultiClad Pro and Calphalon Contemporary 16-Inch Roasting Pan. In the end, I chose the Cuisinart MultiClad Pro to be the best pan for prime rib roast because:

  1. Less expensive.
  2. Unlike the Calphalon Contemporary, its bottom is completely flat inside, which makes it easier to make gravy sauce. It also doesn’t warp, especially if you have an induction cooktop.
  3. While the rack does not have a non-stick surface, it fits more closely. The rack makes it easier to remove the roast.
  4. With the rack and pan lined up, removing heavy foods from the oven will be a lot more stable since you can grasp onto the handles of both the rack and the pan simultaneously. Yet, remember to use oven mitts for maximum safety.

The cookware is designed by Cuisinart, one of the most trusted names in kitchen technology.

This is a professional triple-ply roasting pan, which means that it has a double-walled construction with a stainless steel core and a brushed stainless exterior. This gives it durability, so you don’t have to worry about rusting or breaking down over time.

It also minimizes the meal prepping time because this design provides an even heat distribution throughout the entire cookware, so there won’t be any hot spots thanks to the Heat Surround Technology. The result is a beautifully browned, perfectly cooked delicious crusted prime rib with gorgeous crisp skin.

In addition, the pan can hold up to a 500-degree oven without any problem. So, you can bake a 4-6 pound prime rib roast at 350-degree safety in case you love it medium.

The size of this roasting pan is great to cook huge prime ribs or a 20-pound turkey with spare space.

The handle is made from solid stainless steel too, which keeps the temperature cool and prevents your hand from getting burned. It’s also nice that the handle is riveted to the pan, so it stays in place and doesn’t come loose. This ensures that you’ll be able to easily remove the pan from the burner when you’re done.

Cuisinart’s roaster is equipped with a tightfitting cover designed to seal in moisture and nutrients, ensuring more flavorful, healthier results. You don’t have to worry about having to clean up a mess of burnt-on food because this cover keeps everything contained within.

Cuisinart’s induction-ready cookware is safe to use with any standard stovetop, including electric, induction, gas, or ceramic.

This roasting pan is dishwasher safe, making it easier to clean, thanks to the easy-clean surface. Simply wipe it down with a sponge and warm water, and rinse thoroughly in the dishwasher.

Attention: Many users reported that the interior stainless steel surface flakes off after multiple uses. I think there was a bad batch that has this issue as my pan still looks shiny after dozen times of cooking prime rib on Christmas day and turkey for Thanksgiving.

All in all, this is a great cookware that’s well-built, easy to use, and durable enough for daily use. So if you want a high-quality roaster for cooking tender prime rib that you can use on your stovetop, then get the Cuisinart MultiClad Pro.


  • Holds the high temperature
  • Superb heat distribution for even cooking.
  • Thick, durable, and sturdy
  • Suitable for big eaters and fit perfectly over two burners
  • The complete flat bottom makes it perfect for making gravies
  • Cleans nicely with a dishwasher-friendly advantage
  • Reasonably priced


  • The V rack is not non-stick
  • Some users reported a finishing problem.
Calphalon Contemporary 16-Inch Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Rack

2. Calphalon Contemporary 16-Inch Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Rack

Key Features:

  • Tri-ply construction
  • Aluminum core
  • Non-stick rack
  • Dimensions: 18.6 x 13 x 4.2 inches (the 18.6 inches include the handles)

We’ve been using this roaster for the past 6 months or so, and it’s been fantastic. No wonder America’s Test Kitchen nominated it as the best roasting pan available.

It’s made from a heavy-duty aluminum core with brushed stainless steel 2 outer layers (Tri-ply construction), which makes it extremely durable and long-lasting and also great for making gravies and deglazing.

The aluminum heats up much more evenly than other materials with no hot spots, so you can use it with a wide range of heat settings, from low to high.  You would get the browning and crispy edges that you’d normally get with cast iron. As a result, your prime rib roast will be crisp, on the outside, and delicious. 

The stainless steel makes the roaster safe for use with all utensils, so you can use the pan for a wide variety of dishes.

This roasting pan is not only great for making prime rib roast but it’s super convenient for baking a Thanksgiving turkey or chicken, as well as a variety of other foods.

It comes with a non-stick roasting rack that holds up to a 25-pound of meat. This is great news if you want to prep a huge turkey for a holiday dinner for a crowd which is always the case. The non-stick rack allows heat to circulate to provide great browning to a prime rib roast or New York roast with full control of your cooking journey. 

You can move the rack from the oven to the stove for making gravy from the juices and drippings without using another pan. Yet, the bottom of the pan is not flat so it wouldn’t be an easy task. That’s the same reason that this pan doesn’t work with an induction cooktop.

You can also remove the meat on the V-rack, put some veggies in the pan with the drippings and throw them back in the oven and they would be cooked evenly and browned nicely due to the tri-ply construction.

The handles are also very easy to use, and it’s much easier to lift when it’s full of food without getting burned. 

No worries if you have a small oven. The size of the upright-standing handles is just perfect for most ovens. 

It is not possible to fold down the handles yet, it isn’t a dealbreaker. Also, some reviewers find the inwardly curved handles are a con, but I didn’t have any problem or get burned from them.

The pan is safe to use with any oven or broiler. 

The tender prime rib roaster is super-easy to clean. Although the Calphalon roasting pan (both the rack and the pan)  is dishwasher-safe, it’s far enough to wash it with hot soapy water, even without soaking to be squeaky clean again.

Pro tip: If you find cloudy whitish spots, don’t panic. The finish isn’t coming off the pot. It’s just mineral deposits that frequently occur after cooking. Use a few drops of Bar keepers Friend and you’re done.

The only downside is it’s a bit bulky and needs a large place in the kitchen to store.

N.B. The size of the roasting pan is perfect for standing rib roast. It can also double as a casserole pan if you plan to feed a lot of people.

If you’re looking for a durable, high-quality roaster for baking a prime rib roast, then get the Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Steel Roasting Pan. It’s a great choice.


  • Sturdy and heavy in a good way
  • Easy to lift food with the handles
  • Perfect size for almost any oven.
  • Excellent temperature distribution for browning.
  • Unbelievably easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The bottom isn’t flat 
  • Not suitable for induction cookers
  • The V rack is  slightly unstable
  • Unfoldble handles
  • Slightly large
Viking Culinary 3-Ply Roasting Pan w/ Rack & Carving Set , 16" x 13" X 3", Stainless Steel (4013-9902C)

 3. Viking Culinary 3-Ply Roasting Pan w/ Rack 

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel exterior with mirror finish
  • Double-riveted handles
  • 550 degrees limit
  • Non-stick rack
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 13 x 3 inches

This roasting pan from Viking is great for people who love to roast their Thanksgiving turkey or larger prime rib roasts.

The roasting pan is made from three layers – an aluminum core, a stainless steel exterior with a mirror finish, and 18/8 stainless steel on the inside. These are bonded together to form a strong, durable, and heat-conducting piece. 

That’s great for roasting and baking boneless prime rib and tenderloin because this combination allows the roaster to deliver even heat to the bottom of the pan and distribute it throughout the sides as well decreasing the meal prep time significantly. 

The Viking roaster is large enough for a pretty decent-sized prime rib or a large turkey along with sides and vegetables. But it won’t fit a 25-pound turkey as described by the manufacturer. I tried a 20 lb turkey and it fits perfectly.

Although the pan is heavy, the inverted handles make it easy to use in ovens and are ergonomically better than other roasting pans that have outward-facing handles. However, you need some time to get used to it.

It features a completely flat bottom with slightly rounded corners on the inside that ensures that the pan goes from the oven to the stovetop of the induction range smoothly without spills. This is extremely convenient for deglazing, making sauces,  and tasty homemade gravy from the scraping drained-off fat without using your grandma pan-in-a-pan tedious trick for the holidays.

The v-shaped rack is PFOA and PFOE free for healthier cooking and it’s elevated for easier access. This helps the meat cook more evenly and quickly, and minimizes the space required for cooking. Yet, folks complained that the paint peels off after several uses.

It’s induction-capable too, so you can use it with an induction stove or range top.

The roasting pan will last for many years to look new, and the stainless steel exterior and aluminum alloy core make it highly resistant to stains. However, the bottom on the outside is easy to get scratched. Also, it would get marks from heating after a long time of use which is totally normal.

This roasting pan cleans up nicely. But the rack is not dishwasher-safe as it’s not stainless steel.

This roasting pan is the perfect choice for any home chef who’s looking to add a little extra pizzazz to their food prep. It’ll serve you well for years and look great on your kitchen counter.

Note: Although Viking has some cookware that is made in the USA, this pot is made in China.

Pro Tip: If you need a roasting pan that can be used as a stockpot or a dutch oven, opt for Viking 8.5 Quart Stainless Steel Oval Roaster. It’s the best roasting pan with a rack and lid 


  • Excellent heft
  • Good for a gigantic piece of a prime rib roast or a large bird.
  • Handles up to 550 degrees.
  • Easy to use, and wash
  • Secure, ergonomic grip even with a stuffed pan thanks to the extremely solid riveted handles.
  • Suitable for small ovens (above 17.5″ wide ovens)
  • Inverted handles save serious space
  • Magnetic induction-capable


  • Scratches easily, on the outside, not on the inside
  • It’s mentioned that the roaster is 16 in x 13 but the true size is 17.5 inches including the handles.
Calphalon Classic Hard-Anodized 16-Inch Roasting Pan with Nonstick Rack

4. Calphalon Classic Hard-Anodized 16-Inch Roasting Pan with Nonstick Rack

Key Features:

  • Nonstick with hard-anodized aluminum
  • Withstand up to 450 degrees F
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 13.5 x 3.75 inches

If you’re looking for a great nonstick roasting pan for a prime rib roast, that’s made of quality materials and is durable and easy to clean, then this Calphalon classic hard anodized roasting pan should be on your list.

Another choice from Calphalon, but this time it’s not stainless steel. It’s made of hard-anodized aluminum, which is a type of nonstick material. This makes it easier to clean than cast iron pans, and the aluminum is able to withstand temperatures up to 450°F (not broiler proof). It also ensures that foods don’t stick to the surface of the pan, which is one of the main reasons why most people buy cast iron pans.

This roasting pan has a nonstick rack so that it’s easy to clean. The rack also allows fats and liquids to drain away and elevates the food so that it browns evenly.

The stainless steel handles are also safe to use in the oven, and they’re very sturdy. The handles are also easy to hold while carrying the pan, and they’re ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

The Calphalon classic hard anodized roasting pan is great for roasting meat, vegetables, fish, poultry, and large rib roasts for a large family gathering over the holiday of course. It’s perfect for cooking things like whole chickens, 24 lb. turkey, ducks, and even large cuts of beef or pork.

It also works splendidly for making gravy on the stovetop on medium heat without using another saucepan thanks to the flat bottom.

The lightweight of the roasting pan and the stainless steel handles make it easy to transport. You will be surprised that this pan is lighter than any roasting pan you’ve owned before without sacrificing the quality.

It’s not dishwasher-safe but it’s super easy to clean. Thanks to the nonstick interior, you can easily wipe off the residue after using it and then, you can hand-wash this roasting pan in the sink.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about rusting because it’s made from aluminum. It’s also not Teflon coated.

One complaint from this pan is that the finish on the bottom is rough. It is challenging to slide the pan into and out of the oven. This also could hurt your countertop. Remember that.

It also stains easily. Yet, at this price point, all these issues can be ignored.


  • Huge size
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Works for making gravy from oven to stovetop
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy cleanup (handwash only)
  • Great price


  • Rough finish on the bottom
  • Discoloration issue
  • Not great for small kitchens
  • Not broiler-safe
  • Not dishwasher-safe

If you are looking for a deep roasting pan that you can use for many tasks besides cooking prime rib, the TeamFar roasting pan is your best choice.

The set is made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel that won’t leach any toxic chemical substances into the food, so you can use it every day without worry. They’re also aluminum-free, which adds more assurance for people who are afraid of using them.

This set of roasting pan and cooling rack is really useful in your home because. You can use it for different kinds of foods: you can roast 15/16 pound turkey for Thanksgiving, make lasagna for Christmas dinner, and bake cookies for birthdays. It’s also great for cooking ribeye roast or prime rib roasts.

Again the bottom here is completely flat making it perfect for making gravy. It also doesn’t have any coating so, you don’t have to worry about Teflon flakes in your gravy.

The V-shaped rack is 13½ inches deep, which is enough to hold a gigantic bird or large rib roasts.

The rack is sturdy enough to support heavier foods like turkey or ham, and it’s tall so you can leave a big space between it and the bottom of the pan.

It also has wider and straight handles that make it easier to place out of the oven with oven mitts. The handles also don’t fold down ensuring you get a secure, firm grip.

All of these features make it easier to put out of the oven, and you won’t have to worry about your food touching the ground. 

I really like how easy it is to clean up this pan. The brushed finish makes it easy to wash off by hand, and it’s dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.

The TeamFar roasting pan and baking racks are great kitchen tools, and they’re perfect for making delicious dishes and saving your time and energy. They’re also durable and easy to clean, so I highly recommend them!

Pro tip: This pan doubles as a great lasagna casserole as its sidewalls are 4 inches in height while most lasagna pans are about 2.5 inches. This will enable you to put multiple layers of meat, cheese, and other stuff.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Perfect for whisking gravy
  • Even cooking with good heat distribution
  • Deep enough for making multiple layers of lasagna
  • The handles have big holes for easy lifting


  •  Not suitable for roasting a turkey larger than 20 lb.
Farberware Bakeware Nonstick Steel Roaster with Flat Rack, 11-Inch x 15-Inch, Gray

6. Farberware Bakeware Nonstick Steel Roaster with Flat Rack, 11-Inch x 15-Inch, Gray

Key Features:

  • Oven safe to 450°F
  • Alloy Steel construction
  • A removable, flat chrome-plated rack
  • Nonstick roasting pan
  • Dimensions: 16″ x 11.25″ x 2.5″ 

This roaster pan is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable quality pan for roasting prime rib. So, this is the best pan for prime rib roast if you’re on a budget.

I’ve had this roaster for over two years now, and I’m still using it every day. It’s sturdy, easy to clean, and has an excellent nonstick coating.

The roaster is very heavy-duty, which is why it’s able to withstand roasting temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit for hours on end without wrapping. But this also means that the Farberware roasting pan is not broiler-safe.

It can cook an 18lb turkey without a problem. It has the smallest size between our other choice so, it should fit

It comes with a removable chrome-plated rack that raises meats up to allow fats to drip away, and an oven-safe handle that makes it easier to remove from the oven.

The roaster also comes with a nonstick coating inside and out, which makes cleaning a breeze

The handles are wide and dual-riveted, which makes them easy to grip and maneuver. They’re also easy to grasp for those with arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to move around.

The Turnable handles are a great bonus as they reduce storage requirements and do not obstruct basting or carving.

You should notice that the pan is not suitable for searing on the stovetop as the pan is a bit slippery.

The main complaint from the Farberware roaster is the nonstick coating peels after multiple uses. So, you should use a cleaning pad that is safe for non-stick cookware and clean it carefully.


  • Sturdy
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect for small ovens
  • Easy to clean with no residue


  • Not suitable for stovetop cooking
  • Wrapping at high temperature
  • Nonstick coating flakes off 
  • The pot handles can burn your finger if you’re not careful enough.

How to choose the best roasting pan for prime rib roast?

perfect prime rib roast

In this buying guide, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect roasting pan for a standing rib roast. We’ll also tell you what to look for when buying a roasting pan, so you can find the one that will be best for your needs.

Material: Nonstick vs Stainless Steel

There are two different types of roasting pans out there – stainless steel and non-stick. For home cooks who love to cook prime rib or other large cuts of meat, one thing’s for certain – you need to have a pan that’s up to the task.

For example, you don’t want a pan that scratches or wears down too quickly. You also want a pan that has a large enough surface area to cook large roasts or large cuts of meat.

When it comes to nonstick vs stainless steel, both types will work in a pinch. However, the stainless steel ones tend to be very high in price, whereas the nonstick models are generally much lower in cost.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each type of pan.


Non-stick pans offer a lot of convenience, as they do not require cleaning after use. Most of them feature a non-stick surface that can be easily wiped clean. This is great for busy cooks who want to spend less time scrubbing pans.

However, this type of surface is not as durable as a stainless steel pan, so it’s important to use care when cleaning it.

On the other hand, non-stick pans are usually quite low in cost and not dishwasher-safe.

If you opt for a cheap nonstick roasting pan to cook a prime rib in, you might suffer from the coat peeling off or flaking. Some folks try to overcome this by covering the coat with aluminum foils or parchment papers. Yet, this is not a practical solution as it could stick heavily.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pans are very durable and long-lasting. They’re more difficult to clean manually with hand wash, yet most have a coating that prevents food from sticking to the pan and can be cleaned in the dishwasher safely.

However, these pans tend to be quite high in price.

Stainless steel cookware offers better heat distribution (cooks more evenly)and a longer lifespan than nonstick cookware. 

Verdict: Opt for a roasting pan with tri-ply construction (aluminum core covered with stainless steel form inside and outside).

  1. These roasters provide great heat conduction. so, they perform well on the stovetop without wrapping. This also ensures even cooking and browning for your roasts or during making gravy.
  2. Tri-ply roasting pans have a shiny look and are a breeze to clean.
  3. Lightweight, so you can lift the roaster in and out of the oven easily.
  4. Easy to monitor your pan drippings during fond prep. 

What is the optimal size of roasting pan for prime rib?

If you’ve had your eye on a roasting pan for years, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, you may be wondering how much space a roasting pan needs. This is a question that can easily be answered by looking at the dimensions of your oven and what kind of roasting pan you want.

Oven Size

First, it’s important to know how big your oven is. You can measure it from the front to the back, or you can use a ruler to find the exact size. Either way, make sure to include the width and height of the oven, as well as the depth (or distance between the top and bottom).

Next, it’s important to figure out how tall you want the roasting pan to be.

Roasting Pan Dimensions

As a rule of thumb, the best pan to use for prime rib must be sufficient for an eight-rib standing beef roast or a 20-pound Thanksgiving turkey. 16 by 12 inches dimensions are the optimal size to start with unless you have a smaller oven or kitchen space limitations.

Stick to rectangular roasting pans as they have more space to stuff commence, unlike the oval roasting pan.


The handles of your roasting pan will play a vital role in how you cook your prime rib, which is why it’s important to choose the right ones for your particular pan. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the handles are sturdy enough to carry the pan while cooking, but not too heavy so you struggle to maneuver the pan around the stove.

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a handle for your roasting pan.

First, you’ll want to look for the right thickness of the handle. This is normally measured in millimeters, so if your pan doesn’t have a specific measurement, then you’ll need to measure how thick the handles are for each of the handles individually.

Next, you’ll want to look for a handle that’s strong enough to support the weight of your pan while cooking. This is particularly important when you’re cooking prime rib, since it may be difficult to maneuver the pan around the stove.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the size of the handles. It’s important to choose a handle that is big enough to offer a comfortable grip on the pan even with oven mitts, but small enough not to cause discomfort or pain when you’re cooking.

Generally, opt for sturdy, stainless steel handles that are double or triple-riveted.


The rack role is to elevate your roast or bird to allow for more air circulation; this helps your prime rib to come out juicy and roasted all around. It also prevents it from drying out.

There are two types of racks commonly found in the market – flat racks and V racks. Which one to choose? This is a big debate between the cooking enthusiasts.

Flat racks offer a much larger space while V-shaped keeps your roast in a uniform shape and that might help thorough cooking. 

Choose whatever you prefer from the 2 options as both of them are fine. But remember to choose a stainless steel rack, not a nonstick one to avoid flaking off.

Flat bottom

Make sure that your chosen roasting pan has a completely flat bottom to be suitable for stovetop cooking. This is super beneficial in making gravies or sauces to scrape every bit of drippings.

It’s also advised that the roaster has no troughs, wells, or ridges for the same reason.

Maximum oven-safe temperature

Generally, roasts are cooked below 400 degrees, but on occasion, you may want to sear or brown the roast, you might need a higher temperature. A good roasting pan must withstand 450 F degrees at least to avoid wrapping.

Tips to get the most delicious prime rib roast

Prime rib cut
  • The most important thing when you’re roasting prime rib is making sure the meat stays at an even temperature throughout the cooking process. If you’re using a grill or stovetop, you need to be sure you have the right size pan to use with your equipment.

    For example, you may need to invest in a meat thermometer to ensure that the meat is cooked evenly and control the way you prefer your roast will be served. Shoot for the roast internal temperature of 115°F for rare and 120-130°F for medium.
  • Prime rib roast requires slow cooking to get a rosy interior. Make sure to set your oven temperature to 350 °F.  Some folks prefer to follow the sous vide prime rib recipe  (slow-roasted prime rib recipe with specific technique in a water bath) for the same reason, yet this might take up to 12 hours to get perfect prime rib.
  • Don’t cover your roast during cooking to enjoy the lovely brown crust and avoid overcooking unless you want to sacrifice the tenderness of your nifty cut of beef. For
  • When roasting in the oven, it’s best to use a large roasting pan that holds the roast. This allows for more air circulation than a smaller roasting pan, which can trap the meat too close to the heat and cause it to dry out. For this reason, you should avoid using foil or other cooking sheets when you roast prime rib, as these will limit airflow.
  • You can get away with using a smaller pan if you’re cooking on the stovetop, but make sure you have enough room in the pan for the roast to move around so that it’s not sitting in one place too long and starts to burn.
  • The pan you choose will also affect how your prime rib cooks. If you’re using a cast-iron pan, it’s best to leave the meat in the oven for about 2 hours before you carve it. This allows the seasoning to penetrate the meat, creating a flavorful crust that can only be achieved in this type of pan.
  • Baking sheets are also popular options for roasting prime rib. They’re ideal if you want to cook the roast on the stovetop, but don’t have access to a rack. 
  • The best cut of prime rib must have an even fat distribution with bright color. Opt for the small end if you prefer it more tender or the large end cut if you like the roast to be moist.
  • Follow your recipe instructions strictly. Here is the most perfect prime rib roast recipe I’ve tried.

Prime rib roast FAQs

Can you cook prime rib in a cast-iron skillet?

You can definitely cook prime rib in a cast-iron skillet, but it’s best to first sear the meat for a few minutes, then place it on a baking sheet lined with foil, and bake for an additional 40 minutes to ensure proper cooking. This will ensure that you get a tender, juicy prime rib instead of a dry one. 

Prime rib roast on a baking sheet lined with foil
Source: Prime rib roast on a baking sheet lined with foil

Do you need a roasting pan for prime rib?

Yes, you do need a roasting pan to roast your prime rib., Roasting pans are a great solution that can help save energy costs and enhance your dinner experience. Make sure that you use a large roasting pan with high heat distribution, and ensure that it has a rack.

What can I use if I don’t have a roasting pan for prime rib?

If you don’t have a roasting pan, then you can use a baking sheet or a cooling rack to get rid of the smoke and keep your prime rib moist. You can also use a pan with holes on its bottom (like a pizza pan) for a similar effect, but the bottom of the meat will be drier. If you’re looking for something specific, you can use a rack with holes on its bottom, as they provide excellent ventilation for the meat while it’s cooking. Cast iron and stainless steel skillets and cake pans are also great roasting pan alternatives.

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